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Snapping Back to #DM48HFP 2017

For Tiny Explosions' 6th bout in the Des Moines 48 Hour Film Project we lucked into the opportunity to make either a "Road Movie" or Sci-Fi short. We decided to kind of do both, and the result was a film worthy of screening, titled Snap Back.

Required Elements for this year's film included: Character: Freddy or Fiona Brown, poet Prop: Rubber Band Dialogue: "You heard what she said"
While we did screen at Best of City this year, we didn't win any awards. A head-scratcher because why would our film screen again if it didn't receive any specific acclaim? Maybe we Being There'd ourselves. In the long run awards (outside of the overall winner or runner-up) are no big deal as you don't know how the judges graded and the recipients are almost always puzzling. As an example a couple of Tiny Explosions' past award wins have been confusing. The important thing is we're all exceptionally proud of the film and I don't think there was a short in…

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