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Excited to share my latest multimedia endeavor, Audiography. A few feet beyond what I would define as a hobby, Audiography is a new nature sound recording effort mixed with personal storytelling. If that's enough for you, here's the soundcloud.

As you may know I am a podcasting fanatic. I first started listening to podcasts in 2007 when I discovered Filmspotting, and in 2012 my good friend Jacob Rosdail and I set behind the mics ourselves to create our own podcast "Filmcast Without a Cause." Well Audiography is something new. Part podcast, part storytelling, and a large dose of natural sounds.

Roughly two weeks ago I drove up to Okoboji's Iowa Lakeside Lab to spend a day filming Alex Braidwood's Acoustic Ecology course. For two weeks, Alex takes college students, artists, and creatively inclined individuals out into the world to record nature sounds and examine the world of acoustic ecology. At the end of the experience the crew produces a set of podcasts cal…

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