Must(n't) Haves

Buying an iPad still makes little sense.

Two years ago when the iPad was introduced I was at work with a bunch of fellow Apple fans. We were on in a matter of seconds to check it out. Everyone was in awe of it... except me.

I get that it means a lot for multi-media presentations and sales people but for the average person it's just an expensive add-on. iPhones and Androids I get; a computer in your pocket that you can use at any time to play games, access information and it allows you to keep every virtual thing you own in one place. An iPad... sure you can game on it (kind of) and you can watch movies on it (awkwardly) but for me why do you have to have an iPad?

The Kindle Fire I get. It doesn't cram every little Android feature onto it. You're gonna use it to watch read books, movies, and surf the web. So it doesn't have GPS or a camera, okay... Isn't that better suited for your phone? Do you want to pull out something the size of a text book to snap a picture of your friends? Do you have the dashboard space to rest an iPad while you drive? Plus the price, Kindle Fire is $199, iPad is $500+.

If you're looking to use a tablet for professional reasons an iPad or a high-end Android tablet is the obvious choice, but if you're just looking to Facebook, play Angry Birds and stream movies save you're money, buy a Kindle.


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