Red Lining My Efficient Meter

I am a man who takes pride in his efficiency. In August when I edited my Farm Crawl video together, it took me about 7 hours. I sat down at 9 am and started picking out my soundbites, put it all together, wrote a couple songs for score music, and by the time I finalized it the clock said 4pm.

This month the same thing deal happened when I put together my BfBl Harvest Party video, only it took me 5 hours. When I have a vision, and know my footage, I crush my projects.Yesterday I set my sights on a much loftier goal.

Every morning when I'm eating breakfast and getting ready to start my day I think through what projects I'm working on. This week I've got two big projects to produce and a tight window to get them done. The travel show I co-produce, One Day Getaway, has an episode due on Nov 8, and the community interest show I occasionally produce, Oskaloosa Today, has an episode due on Nov 9. Well both projects have been shot and digitized, and all that remains is putting them together.

Both shows generally require a lot of story building and editing, but this episode of Oskaloosa Today was different. Every year Oskaloosa holds an annual Halloween Parade event on it's downtown square; kids dress up and walk from business to business getting candy. In the past it's been taped for 1DG, but this year I asserted my producer powers and said it shouldn't be on our travel show. My argument won out but we were still asked to produce it for OT, something I wasn't against. While most episodes of OT require a lot of interviews and thoughtful story structure, this production would have none of those worries.

So as I ate my bran flakes I set a goal for the day; I was going to edit together the entire Halloween parade, with music and graphics, within a single work day. Kind of big goal considering OT episodes need to be a minimum of 10 minutes. How did I fair on my goal? Watch the video below for your answer.

In the end this 12 minute, 10 second video took just under four hours to cut together, score, and track. Now that is what I call efficient.


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