Information Super Cashway

For many, discovering how to make money off of what they love to do is not easy. I am no different. I love to make videos and I love the boundless nature of the internet. Problem is I didn't properly equip myself to make money off my fanaticism right out of college. I enjoy broadcast journalism but its more of a necessity for videographers than a passion. Well recently through the wonders of web 2.0 -remember that term?- things are changing.

Right after I graduated in 2005 I signed up for Google AdSense and thought "If others can make a bucks off their blog readers, why can't I?" Well the problem was the ads were ugly and I felt kind of a drug mule for Google. I turned off the ads and didn't touch my AdSense account for 6 years, last October. YouTube opened my various accounts up for monetization and I decided why not give it another shot.  So I placed text ads on about 5 or 6 of my most popular videos.

I was averaging just over a buck a month until recently when I had two huge realizations. First, Facebook IPO blew up the internet and it's now public knowledge every user is worth roughly 50 bucks. I am not a fan of Facebook, and I don't see a good option to get my split of that 50 dollars, so once again I'm a cash pup for some tech giant. Well Google is way bigger than Facebook and I have loads on content on their servers. I'm going to assume if every Facebook user is worth $50, each Google account has to be worth at least double, maybe triple. Luckily there is a super easy way to get a cut of that pie, Google Adsense. See the ads on this post? To the right and at the bottom? Those are Google AdSense ads. If you click on them I'd get a quarter or so. It's against the rules to outright ask web visitors to click on ads but I thought you should know what the story is...

The second thing that happened was a little story buzzing through the internet about people making millions of dollars from their YouTube accounts.


Did you watch that? $100,000 just for videoing yourself looking like an idiot once a week? That is preposterous. I won't be doing that, but better believe I'm going to do my part to make some scratch from the YouTube bankroll. After reading that article I placed ads on every video I've posted that has a sizable audience and that buck a month started to balloon. It's only been two weeks since I made the switch and my AdSense balance has grown considerably. My parents taught me a long time ago not to publicly boast about how much money you but rest assured,  I don't see my YouTube money paying the water bill anytime soon but down the line... who knows?


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