The Importance for Small Fish to Stay Organized

When you change jobs the first thing people ask you is how do you like your job. Hopefully most people like their new gigs otherwise you're in for a long and incessantly painful 9-5. Generally the second question is how is your new job different from your old one. For me the answer is easy: It's far more organized.

I loved my old job. We were a bunch of kids having fun with cameras. We were very serious when it came to the news and public event production but outside of that it was a lot of goofing around. Each day was very casual and people were just expected to do what they could. With a smaller cast of characters you're just expected to do your job, accountability is front and center for all to see. The ISU Foundation is very different from CRI. The Foundation is 100 employees strong, whereas CRI was constantly in flux between 12 and 15 employees.

When you work in an organization with 12 other people your work is very out in the open. Everyone knows what you're doing and when you don't get it done, everyone is upset. When you work with 99 other people, only a small percent have any clue with what fills your day. It's easier to get lost and procrastinate, so you gotta be organized. For myself organization means laying all projects out so I can see when they're happening and when they're due. Also nearly everyone at the Foundation does something similar. 

If there was one piece of advice i could give you its to make your work more efficient and organized its task management. If your gig is anything like mine your projects can last for months, and months means diligent planning. With this clear visual layout if you get behind its all your fault.


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