Maintaining An Online Footprint

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Maintaining an online footprint can be exhausting. Pretty much anyone who keeps tabs on their professional versus personal image knows exactly what that entails. As fun as it is to make snarky remarks on Twitter, are you comfortable with a prospective employer reading them? It can get especially frustrating when pretty much everything you've ever produced or will produce exists somewhere on the information super highway.

That is scarily close to my situation. Virtually every news report, wedding video, podcast, graphic, fundraising video, tech column, music video, and everything else I've produced can be found online. Sure I upload a great deal of it myself, but I suspect for every four things I personally put online, a fifth item is uploaded with my name attached by someone else. Of course the major difference in these items is the fifth one is completely out of my control, such is the case for everyone; Someone uploads a nasty photo of you, there is little you can do to stop them or bring it down. So you're best bet is to corral all that material and steer online looky-loos in a direction you're comfortable with.

What does that mean? Well as countless design and PR professionals will tell you, that means developing and maintaining a brand (a term that is so overused it makes me want to punch a tank). In situations like mine, I prefer intersect. When your work takes you down a smorgasbord of media production, audiences, clients, and employers will be coming at your work from several different directions. Considering I'm a video producer, a musician, a podcaster, a writer, and a web developer it's important all those different audiences know there aren't five different Patrick Boberg's working in each realm, just one which a diverse toolset.

With a few larger profile projects about to meet the world, I decided to get my intersect back in working order. So my intersection is Responsibly Wild. While RW has existed for a couple years now, it's pretty much been in "site coming soon" mode its entire life. Plugging into your browser today won't shovel every piece of Patrick Boberg content onto your screen, but it will get you pointed in the right direction. As of this post, RW is only an interactive content wheel that I developed, but soon enough it will be populated with links and sample content. So if you're looking for my podcasts, songs, videos, writing samples, or reports you can get a taste at and find your way to the source material.

Now no matter the project, I feel confident in sharing as one stop shop for all professional content produced by yours truly.


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