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If you are privy to the sways of pop culture and technology, you are probably aware of how uncool LinkedIn is. Don't buy into that. Yes, LinkedIn isn't “cool,” but when it comes to business cool is only a priority in marketing. While LinkedIn is part of the social media marketing universe, it is in very far off galaxy from the cool social networks.

Your business use for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and potentially even YouTube is all about marketing your business as something to admire, envy, or desire. LinkedIn is only about that for one reason, attracting talented job seekers. Now if you're hoping to attract in demand creatives who could possibly rebrand your company as culturally cool, chances are you wont be finding them on LinkedIn; however, LinkedIn does have its role and never in the history of the website was it worried with what TMZ or any late night hosts said about it.

The reason you should resources into LinkedIn is it is a serious place. Just like your business, LinkedIn is used by professional people who care about their reputation. No one is on LinkedIn to post memes or post embarrassing content. LinkedIn is for furthering ones career and discovering potential employers that serve that purpose. As a business owner, you serve that purpose. It doesn’t matter if you’re an insurance broker, a bakery, a website developer, or veterinarian; there are literally thousands of business minded job seekers polishing their LinkedIn profiles up so when they discover your post about a vacant position, they can put their best, online foot forward.

Of course like every social network, LinkedIn has its downsides. As a user, the interface is always changing, the endorsements section seems nonsensical at times, and random people asking for letters of recommendation can be frustrating. As a business owner you don’t have to worry about any of that. You only need candidates to find your page when you are ready to hire on new people, and that is specifically what keeps LinkedIn accounts alive. Job seekers want to find you, and when you’re ready to hire, your LinkedIn inbox will be flooded with neatly organized applications with just the hiring factors you’re looking for. Cool is overrated, efficient is not.

Patrick Boberg is a central Iowa creative media specialist. For more tech insights, follow him on Twitter @PatBoBomb


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