Letting Go of Inefficiencies

Today my work packed up our stuff and closed up shop... BECAUSE WE MOVED INTO A BRAND NEW OFFICE! YEAH!

Considering this is my second post, I haven't been able to talk about my job very much, but I work at a nonprofit television station in Oskaloosa, Iowa called the Communication Research Institute. WAY too fancy a name. Anyways, we moved from an old, rundown building on the square of Oskaloosa to a 4-year-old building on the local college campus. It is super nice and I'm really excited to get to work in there.

Well moving into the new digs reminds me one of my pet peeves; people who are "stuck in their ways" and refuse to let go of their inefficiencies. Why stay in an old building that doesn't fit your needs correctly just because you are used to it? (You should know none of my co-workers wanted to stay at the old building.) Well as it turns out... I'm one of those people who likes his inefficiencies, and my hang up?  

MiniDv tapes!

This might seem bizarre but these things are my hang up. I shoot something on them once or twice and then hold onto them. I had a pile of 20 of them on my desk at work, and at home... oh man, I probably have 50 stashed away all over the house. That is completely foolish. My argument for hoarding these things is that they are safe and easy to back up, I don't have to worry about data loss... well guess what? I don't need them piled up and saved, no one does. Use em, digitize their contents and erase them. 

Now why are they inefficient? They're old school, wasteful, and in the long run if you stash them away after one or two uses you are wasting pounds of cash. Reusable memory cards (SD, CF, P2 cards) are super efficient; shoot it, log it and erase it away. Tapes wear down eventually and take much more effort to get the contents off of. Lose em and lose your inefficiencies. I'm sure I'll bag on some variation of this topic several times before this blog is through. BOO MiniDV.

What is your digital hang up? Are you having trouble giving up tapes? Do you have to follow a digital workflow that extremely laborous? Please tell me that isn't your problem. 


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