Cut the Cord

It's over cable industry, I'm taking my money and going home. It may sound weird to read this considering the source, but I've had it.

For the past 11 months I've been routinely forking over $120 to DirecTv for a product that goes out in a light rain, has far more channels than I would ever watch, and is completely overpriced. Yes it's a great product but my cable bill should not be greater than my cellphone bill. ESPECIALLY considering 65% of the cable industries content can be watched online.

I don't care about on-demand movies. I don't care about the Golf Channel, the Game Show network, E!, Bravo, Reel, HSN, HLN, Spike, TRUtv, Lifetime, Oxygen... I don't care.

Plus, their best content I can get over the air. CBS, NBC, FOX, PBS? You don't need a dish or a coax cable to get those, and Thanks to the digital conversion broadcast TV is finally bearable. And what I can't get over the air, I can find on Hulu, in the Redbox, or on

Maybe you're reading this and think I'm crazy, but within five years I'll be in the majority and you'll be the crazy one. Think I'm wrong? Well than chances are you're one of the 3.5 million people still using AOL dial-up.

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Want to know how you can cut the cord? Here's 5 Steps to Freedom.

Who's with me? What are your experiences unplugged from the cable industry?


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