Back in the Classroom Again

Six years ago, when I graduated from Iowa State, I was done. Like all college students I lightly considered going to grad school but after 16 straight years of classrooms, I was done. Fast forward to January 2, 2012 and I'm un-done, and If we're being literal the title of this post is a lie, I'm telecommuting.

First Question: What am I studying?

In 18 months I hope to receive a "Masters of Applied Science in Information and Communications Technology" with an emphasis in Software Design and Programming. Back before my brain tuned out math, somewhere around 9th grade, I wanted to be a computer programmer. During college my tech interests started to comeback but never in the career path sense. Well now they have. I don't want to be a computer programmer, I dont want to be a web designer, I want to build programs. I get all these ideas in my head and I have some of the skills but not all. Well in 18 months I will have those missing skills.

Second Question: Where am I studying?

As I already mentioned, thanks to wonders of the internet I'll being attending the University of Denver. It didn't require the GRE, it's on the quarter system instead of semesters (meaning two classes instead of three or four, which I know I couldn't handle while working fulltime), and the skills taught line up with my interests.

Third Question: What about your video and media interests?

I have no plans to give up on video. I've always been that guy carrying around a camera and I love that.  But I do have other interests and professional goals. When I graduate in May 2013 I hope to marry my two professional skills and do something awesome. I don't want to spill those beans yet but let's just say it is related to those ideas I mentioned earlier.

So there's my Christmas gift to myself; education. Marieta is a couple weeks away from graduating with a Masters in Dietetics, in 18 short months I'll be doing the same with a masters in Software Design. Wish me luck.


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