Viral Veggies

Obviously I'm a pretty big geek for web video, and relish every opportunity I get to produce a video for the web, but most of the video I upload is procedural for my job. CRI produces 5 shows and throughout the week there are various short clips to be uploaded. Still, about 3 or 4 times a month I produce a video that makes me excited for public release. Most recently that excitement came from a clip I produced for the travel show I co-produce, "One Day Getaway."

Of course I do have other passions and beliefs outside of my web video obsession, local food is one of them. A few months ago a local cooking show approached 1DG about teaming up for a special cooking/day-tripping episode. After a short brainstorm I proposed the winning idea of heading to the Des Moines Winter Farmers Market, check out a unique getaway opportunity, and find the goods one needs to cook up a delicious meal (here's the cooking segment).

Fast forward to the episode being finalized and online. Part of my fervor for shooting the Winter Farmers Market was to provide a little promotion for a cause I really enjoy, the local food movement. Well it appears the video is doing just that.

Yesterday afternoon while flipping through my Facebook feed I discovered both the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market and the Greater Des Moines Buy Fresh Buy Local used our Youtube Clip to promote the winter Market. AND! those Facebook shares lead to 6 others!

Now the clip isn't truly viral, the view count is still very low, but I love the fact that so many people saw it, and deemed it worthy to share with their friends. It's both a testament to the power of web video and local food support. 


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