The Foundation of My New Job

This week the Foundation mailed out the first issue of its new magazine, "Forward," and coinciding with its release is the release of my first videos for the Foundation.

As I've stated before, The ISUf's main purpose is to raise funds for Iowa State. For scholarships, for facilities, for endowed faculty, for programs, etc. "Forward" Magazine is meant to highlight the cool things ISU is doing and keep donors informed about where their funds are going. It's a pretty cool magazine. I'll probably produce 5-6 more videos for the next issue which will mail in June.

Up to this point I've been doing a lot of prep and planning for upcoming projects and reworking previous video material for different purposes, but the last couple of weeks I finally got to shoot a couple of videos. The one above and this one:

These videos, along with 3 others I edited from old content, are supplemental material to an article discussing the use of food resources to meet fuel needs. I really enjoy the first video. It's a really sound supplemental piece, but I also feel it works outside of the context of the article. If you want to read "Forward" click on the picture at the top.

So what's next? Well a I'm working on a few marketing projects and a few video projects for specific donors. Sadly, I probably wont be able to share those. "Audience of One" type stuff. Beyond the video stuff, I'm going to be learning some serious web skills for the new ISUf web platform and I'll be taking a lot of pics. So, I'm not producing as much as I did down in Oskaloosa, but marketing is a different beast than broadcast. There isn't as huge a need to feed the beast... Well, I hope you enjoyed my little career update. I just thought I'd take this moment to share what I've been up to M-F, 9a-5p.


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