Thank you Linkedin for my new job

If you know me outside of the information super highway you know I am no longer a television producer. That's right I quite my job and as of January 9, 2012 I am the Multimedia Specialist for the Iowa State University Foundation. Hooray!

The new gig is very similar to what I've done in the past; filming events and putting together videos. The main difference being now my work is used to promote Iowa State and cultivate & steward donors for the University. Of course there are other responsibilities but this is the quick and easy explanation. I wish I had an example of my work to share with you but projects take a little longer to perculate here than a TV station.

This post isn't to tell about my new job, no it's more about HOW I got my new job. Like the social media maniac that I am, I'm proud to say I discovered the Foundation's position through Linkedin.

That's right I'm one of the 16% of job seekers who found their new gig through the wonders of social media (and only 1/4 of us social job seekers found it through Linkedin). Care to know more fancy figures on social job searching? Check out this awesome infographic. I gotta say I'm wierdly proud of my social seeker status. I hate Careerbuilder and Monster. Way too many postings and you can never seem to find the position that fits you.

If any of my friends or you webstalkers are looking for a new job, my advice; search Linkedin. You have a built in resume, connections to give you references and a free online venue to showcase your work. If Careerbuilder had any foresight it would have repurposed itself back in 2005. Sadly as it stands now, it could become as irrelevant as the newspaper classifieds it replaced.


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