Attracting Those Who Believe What You Believe

Somehow this TED discussion from threes years ago popped into my gReader today and I fell in love with it. I have never heard of this man before, Simon Sinek, but I love this presentation. People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it. If you're going to bypass my thoughts at least watch the first six minutes of this video.

I love that Mr. Sinek broke down his thoughts on leadership, innovation, marketing and consumption based on brain processes and consumer intuition. "It just doesn't feel right" or the gut reaction is huge. The idea of unconscious intuition makes and breaks the leadership-innovation-product-producer-consumer relationship. 

I'd say the majority of people work in an environment where they might believe in their organization but don't believe in their leadership. When you can't stand behind your leaders you aren't working to your highest. It's an idea that shows in Sineks discussion of what made Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. the preeminent figure in the Civil Rights movement. He was an inspiring and made people want to join their passion with his. 

I've never consciously invoked any of Sinek's ideas but I can see a trail of my actions based on them. I got a Tivo as soon as I could afford it because it made sense. I bought a Mac as soon as I could afford it because it made sense. I've been a major advocate of YouTube as a platform for any communication purpose because it makes sense. Maybe each has had different levels of success and inspiration but they are concepts and products that make you want to do something. I've always been someone who made choices based on inspiration and ingenuity but after Simon Sinek's address I feel even more confident in not only following inspirational people and organizations, but trying to be one.


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