Socially Cruel To Be Kind

Today I decided there was no way around it, I had to advertise my distaste for Facebook, on Facebook. I've mentioned in the past my feelings about the king of social networks, but after getting a slew of non-family friend requests I did decided the best way to keep from hurting peoples feelings was to lay it all on the line.

Facebook is a HUGE "time suck." Before I laid 300 friends to waste last fall I was just as bad as your average tween, checking my phone every couple hours for what's happening in the socialsphere. I guess it's good for brands, organizations, businesses and what not, but it's not for me. This company wants all your private information and they want to flip it for a buck. I don't want my face showing up in the sidebar ads, I don't care about edgerank, beacon, socially crafted advertising, sketchy t.o.s. and I don't want to give you something without getting something in return -not unless I can interact with you in the real world.

Twitter, G+, Youtube...  these networks may monetize me but I can monetize them right back.  Plus they're open to the world and clearly layout what's mine and what's theirs. So if you search me out on Facebook, just know that my friendship decline is not about you, it's about the venue. Find me somewhere else and we can be buds.


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