There's Nothing Better Than Composing Music for Children

When you start a new job inevitably you get asked what you miss most about your old job.  Easy, writing music for kids. In December of 2009 CRI started producing a show for kids aptly titled "Kids Show." Jon Hoffmann, the shows producer came up with a long list of cool segment ideas, one I threw in the pot was music videos. I teamed up with my coworker A.J. Hodgeman and started working on some song possibilities under the moniker PB & AJ. First we tackled the standard public dominion tunes (Old MacDonald, ABCs, Hickory Dickory Dock, etc) but that well ran dry rather quick, so we had to come up with our own songs real quick. 

Of the 11 songs/videos we produced the children's standards were the most popular but not my favorite. Below, in no certain order, are my favorites. I do wish the child's play could continue but sometimes you trade one hobby for another. Where I used to write kids tunes and produce music videos, now I make absurd short films. Maybe some day I'll return to the preteen goofiness. Enjoy PB & AJ.


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