Supporting an Old Medium

Today the second issue of the Forward Magazine mailed, the magazine produced by the Iowa State University Foundation which focuses on philanthropy's impact on the University. I've mentioned the magazine in a previous post, but considering this magazine prints only three issues a year, I thought I might share some of my work. 

If you look real close, squint your eyes and tilt your head back at a 57˚ angle you can see my credit on the back page of the magazine. Beyond my usual video work, I also snapped a couple photos for this issue. That interesting piece of art on the back page was photographed by yours truly.

Magazines are an interesting bird. Just as newspapers are slowly dying, magazines are as well. Forward, I believe, flys in the face of that trend. No one is purchasing this magazine, it goes specifically to donors and is meant to give much wanted insight into ways private donations impact the facilities, faculty and students of the University. I am quite proud to be a part of it. As I said, I produced a slew of videos for the issue and if you'd like to view them- or read the magazine itself - click on over to the magazine's website. To give you a little insight into my work I'll post the most interesting video of the bunch; a scholarship recipient spotlight who used his time at Iowa State to partake in the lumber-jacking world of timbersports.


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