Steal My Production Music

Once upon a time I dreamt of being a rock star. As it turns out, the rock life is not for me. That being said, I still love to write music. Over the years I have produced HUNDREDS of backing tracks for video projects. Now I want you to enjoy the fruits of that labor and there are two ways for you to do that:

  1. Steal the tracks I've uploaded to YouTube
    One of my more popular posts on this site invites anyone to download and use the production tracks I've made public on my YouTube Channel, Responsibly Wild. What started with eight tracks to steal has blossomed into dozens. Any of the tracks uploaded to my YouTube playlist "Steal my Production Music" is available for you to put to use download and use. I've made them available with Creative Commons rights and I have two requirements.

    Don't use my music for any political advertising or projects.
    B)  Please credit me by name and my Twitter handle, so: Patrick Boberg, @PatBoBomb.
  2. Purchase my production track albums
Or if you none of the free tracks fit your needs, you could always buy some of my music that isn't on YouTube. I have produced 10 albums of production music, with one "Wild Rock Tracks," currently available via digital download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and many others.

As mentioned there are hundreds of other tracks on other albums you can pick up. If you'd like to purchase these, please contact me through any social network you can find me on.

Too lazy to click over to YouTube? No problem, here is a small sample of the production music available to steal on YouTube. 

As mentioned above, these tracks and many more are available via my YouTube Channel.


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